Saturday, February 21, 2009

"I feel closer to each and every Lutheran than the SSPX priests"- Catholic bishop

Reactions – Die Diözesanbischöfe sind die Schismatiker

A bishop openly admits that he is closer to the Protestants than the church. The withdrawal of the Lefebvre excommunication -leads him to a dialogue - with the Jews.

"I see no possibility of a rapprochement, because they do not want one."

Norbert Trelle, the Bishop of Hildesheim told the regional newspaper "Braunschweiger Zeitung '.

The church is closer, according to the bishop, to the Society of St. Pius X than the Protestants - but: "I feel closer to each and every Lutheran than the SSPX priests."

The bishop is sad that a "such dispute" – as he describes the media pogrom against SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson - could be triggered:

"I can have no understanding for it - and I'm angry as other bishops are."

Then Msgr. Trelle accused the Pope and the Vatican and finds there "embarrassment":

"How can it be that when there are vacancies in Germany everything is checked for a year - and then there's four bishops, whose background you do not want to know about?" – he underlined.

The Pope, the bishop then protected – for form’s sake - from his critics: "I cannot imagine that he knew and let it go through."

The attitude of the Pope to Judaism was clearly is one of respect and recognition.

The repeal of an excommunication has nothing to do with this issue, underlined Mons. Trelle.

If the current "totally unpleasant story" had a positive aspect, then this is a new conversation with interested people about Judaism:

"What is our relationship to this ancient Judaism, which we really have to maintain?" – says the bishop falling to his knees.

Furthermore, he asserts that the Church is not changing course and won’t return to the time before the Second Vatican Council.

It is for the bishop "completely incomprehensible" that this could be questioned.

Mons. Trelle left unanswered the question as to whether he himself is ready to accept the texts of Vatican II and Catholic tradition.

Cathcon- perhaps the Bishop might care to explain to his Lutheran friends that their ecclesiastical organisation was founded by one of the greatest anti-semites in German history.
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