Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Disobey the Pope! - German Socialist leader- Georg Ratzinger defends the Pope

Papst-Kritik: SPD-Chef ruft Katholiken zu Ungehorsam auf

SPD chief calls on Catholics to disobey Pope (the guy calls himself "Catholic" and has said that his job is the second best after that of being Pope- he clearly has pretensions).

After Chancellor Merkel,the SPD chief Müntefering has also supported consequences for Benedict XVI in the Williamson case. He calls on Catholics to openly disobey the Pope. In the Vatican a conspiracy theory against "His Holiness" is in circulation.

"I think the rehabilitation of a bishop, who denies the Holocaust, as unacceptable. This is a serious, historic mistake which the church as quickly as possible must correct," said Franz Muentefering to the "Berliner Zeitung" from Thursday . Müntefering stressed that it does not help to clarify things, to explain or to relativize: "This must be corrected. It must further be without saying that the crimes of the Holocaust cannot be trivialised inside or inside the Church."

On the return of the disobedient SSPX, the SPD leader criticized the pope in person. When asked whether Benedict has lost his role as a moral authority, Muentefering said: "He has just clearly demonstrated that a Pope is not infallible. I can only recommend the Catholic Church in this country not to show any falseobedience. "Against the backdrop of the social influence of the church it was " serious "if the Vatican rehabilitate such a controversial man and gives rise to the suspicion that it does not fight anti-Semitism .

Merkel criticizes CSU

The Munich CSU politicians Bernd Posselt, meanwhile, attacked Chancellor Angela Merkel and warned her not to act as a head teacher of the pope. The chairman of the CSU Commission on Basic Principles, Alois Glück, called Merkel's handling of the Pope "unfortunate." It was "not the task of political office holders to comment on the Pope," he told the Financial Times Germany ".

The brother of the pope, Georg Ratzinger, was disappointed by the response to the Chancellor: "I have always seen her as a sensible woman. But perhaps she is currently also under pressure, that she now expressed herself in a way which she would have rationally not done. "The blanket criticism of the Pope showed how unjust society can be. "We are always talking about an information society, in truth, it is misinformed."

Conspiracy theory in the Vatican

At a highly anticipated weekly general audience in Rome on Wednesday, Benedict did not refer to the current dispute about the Holocaust. Already on Tuesday evening, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said that the condemnation of all Holocaust-denial by the Pope could "not be clearer."

In the Vatican, according to a Swedish newspaper report among others, there is speculation that the controversial interview, in which Williamson denied the gasingof Jews in the Nazi era was deliberately broadcast the interview at this time. According to this, the station scheduled the broadcast of interview on 21 January, three days before the fixed withdrawal of excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops broadcast in order to do as much harm as possible to the Pope.
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