Monday, February 09, 2009

Cardinal Lehmann - excommunicate Williamson again

Holocaust-Leugner Williamson - Lehmann: Williamson exkommunizieren - Der Papst und die Pius-Brüder -

Lehmann: excommunicate Williamson
If Williamson should not withdraw his statement, the excommunication should again come into force, says Cardinal Karl Lehmann. This is possible in canon law.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann calls for the excommunication of Bishop Williamson, if he should keep to his utterances.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann feels the recent statements of the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson to be an affront. "I am appalled that he now says he now needs only to study and this will take time," Lehmann said in the recording of the ARD Talk show "Beckmann" on to be broadcast Monday evening which also hosted Charlotte Knobloch, Chairwoman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

About Williamson, who declared in the Spiegel interview that he wanted to again examine further the historical facts of the Holocaust before the withdrawal required from the Pope Lehmann said: "This is really unspeakable, that cannot be allowed to rest. Then it must be said: If he stands by his views, the excommunication comes again into force. This is possible in canon law."

Loosing touch with the people
Knobloch is "very pleased that the majority of German bishops and cardinals are clearly on the side of the victim who has been beaten in this situation." Knobloch was reserved about Pope Benedict XVI. "I have a feeling that he has lost contact with people as such." His predecessor John Paul II had been very popular. "To what extent his popularity is transferred to the current Pope, I would have doubts about."

Lehmann, in the event of lifting the excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops "never had a doubt as to primary intention" of the Pope, "and never doubted his position on anti-Semitism." However he could not understand why " razor sharp conditions had not been formulated and published under which the lifting of the excommunications would take place."

Brilliant theologian
The pope was "a brilliant theologian," said the Bishop of Mainz but further, however: "We all need in our decisions good advice and consultants. The fact is that the internal and external communication of the Vaticann needs fundamentally to be improved, even the sparrows are whistling from the rooftops. "

The programme is broadcast in 40 minutes time.
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