Monday, February 23, 2009

Argentina's President makes Bishop Williamson a top issue


Argentiniens Präsidentin macht Williamson zur Chefsache - Nachrichten -

The Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been personally involved in the case of Holocaust denier and traditionalist, Bishop Richard Williamson. The news agency "Valores religiosos" reported on Sunday (local time), Kirchner had two weeks ago asked for accurate details from the Minister for Religious Affairs, Guillermo Oliveri. After that, an official of the Ministry sent the report directly to the President. Williamson was on Thursday for violating visa requirements expelled from the country. A ministry spokesman also stated Williamson's statements denied "an historical truth" and therefore offended "deeply the Jewish community and entire humanity." The denial of the Holocaust in Argentina has not yet been criminalized. A Parliamentary bill doing so is expected to be scheduled for this Wednesday. The leadership of the traditionalist SSPX announced at the weekend, that they will ask Williamson to comply with the requirement to leave Argentina within ten days. Representatives of the Catholic Church in Argentina are in agreement with the expulsion decision
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