Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama is not the Messiah says Cardinal


Cathcon translation of Obama ist nicht der Messias

The Belgian Primate Cardinal Godfried Danneels, has warned against too many expectations being placed on the new U.S. president Barack Obama. He had never seen so many hopes and expectations being concentrated on one person, the cardinal told the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. "He is not the Messiah," said Danneels. Against the background of expectations, Obama could only disappoint when he makes choices.

At the same time, the cardinal said he appreciated Obama's vision. The new U.S. president was "a genuine idealist who does not believe in the power of the military, but rather in the strength of convictions." The fact that Obama, in his inaugural speech recalled Martin Luther King and the long discrimination against blacks was very moving said Danneels. "Do not be afraid of believing in your most beautiful dreams - someday they will be fulfilled”, he saw as the message of the inauguration.
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