Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I would demolish the Vatican


A quote from Guy Gilbert when asked what he would do if he became Pope.

I would demolish the Vatican. It is normal for the prestige of Belgium  that (King) Albert and (Queen) Paola have a palace but the head of the Church should be content with a small appartment. I love the pontiffs when they are not too sovereign.

A personal friend of Prince Laurent, son of King Albert, he officiated at his wedding. The sermon was written in pen on his hand, which was not edifying when it came to the consecration.

He mocks the Church who made him, just like Luther.

and with our flexible friend, Cardinal Schönborn, well-known for his alleged conservatism.


Carlos Echevarria said...

Who is this clown???
Over my dead body he would destroy the Holy See...

Adrienne said...

I admit to not knowing who this loon is. After seeing these pictures - I'm happy for my ignorance ...

Friuli said...

Don't they ever get tired of trying to keep up with the fashion trends?

Posturing as Christ to fly in the face of those who find his tedious and pretentious posturing?

The Postmodernist said...

Mat God mercy on the soul of the former Pope. I know I'm no authority, but I believe that John Paul II caused uncomparable damage to the Catholic Church than any other pope in history. I really don't like him. But God is his judge not me. May God have mercy on His Church.