Monday, January 26, 2009

Bishop Williamson will retract his comments claims Catholic spokesman

Jüdische Kritik an Papstentscheidung:

The remarks were "unacceptable" and do not belong to the teaching of the Catholic Church, said the spokesman of the Bishops' Conference, Matthias Kopp, on Monday in the ZDF morning programme. Williamson is one of the four bishopsrehabilitated by the Vatican on Saturday , who since 1988 have been excommunicated. The Regensburg state prosecutor is investigating. "Williamson will sooner or later, retract his speech ," said Kopp. The church had "mechanisms" to deal with him. The outrage of the Jewish communities about the Holocaust denial of the British bishop Kopp said was "very well understood." In this sense, the Vatican had also expressed its shock.

Father David Neuhaus comments referred to in the German article here.

Rather the pope has a burning desire to put an end to the schism in the Church. Discussion is going inside the Church regarding the pope's attempt to bring back into the fold ultra ultra conservatives who never accepted the reforms of Vatican II and were illicitly consecrated. There are those in the Church he feel that the pope is humiliating himself for men unrepentant of their views."

Neuhaus, who is also secretary-general of the Hebrew Speaking Catholic Vicariate in the Holy Land, said the Church's position on the Holocaust was a very sensitive issue for the local Catholic community.

"It touches on the very heart of who we are here in the Holy Land as promoters of historical reconciliation of Jewish and Catholic relations so that Jews and Catholics understand each other more," he said
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