Wednesday, January 07, 2009

1553 days of occupation and counting

In Quiet Rebellion, Parishioners Keep Faith :

There are sleeping bags in the sacristy at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church and reclining chairs in the vestibule, but no one here gets too relaxed. “Please be ever vigilant!” a sign by the door warns, and the parishioners who have occupied the church since it closed more than four years ago take it as seriously as a commandment.

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Wolfgang Schrift said...

And these are the fruits of their disenchantment: "I cannot go back to the priest and the vestments and that, I always felt, prince-of-the-church approach," said Mary Dean, 61, who keeps vigil at St. Frances at least four hours a week. "I'll always be a Catholic, but I may not be able to worship in the mainstream Catholic Church."

Newsflash: if you cannot worship in the "mainsteam" Catholic Church (in fact, there is no other), then you are not Catholic.