Saturday, December 13, 2008

Call for the restoration of the Monarchy in the United Kingdom


The obsession with appeasing minorities now includes Roman Catholics, who are apparently pining away for want of being able to become King of England, or to marry into the Royal family. I should have thought there were more important issues as Britain sinks into the swamp, but never mind. If we overturn the Act of Settlement then it seems to make sense to go the whole hog, and restore the Stuart (Catholic) line to the throne, from which it was debarred in 1701. This, as my colleague Mandrake discloses today, means turning the Duke of Bavaria, a descendant of James II, into King Francis II. This would be but a small undertaking for a Government that has already brought Britain to its knees, and how we must look forward to it.
Cathcon not so many months ago went to a reception in the Bavarian Representation to the EU in Brussels. I was asked, what was my opinion of my queen. I said she is not my Queen, but my King is your Prince and pointed to a rather splendid portrait of Ludwig on the wall.

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Dilly said...

Call me Mrs Picky - but Mandrake got it wrong, I'm afraid. No doubt the Telegraph is being inundated with irate Jacobites, as we speak. The Duke of Bavaria is descended from King Charles 1st via his daughter Henriette Anne, Duchess of Orleans. James 2nd's last legitimate descendant was Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart. Check via wiki here Love the blog.