Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Galileo Galilei was “never condemned” by the Vatican.

Cathcon translation of Vatikan: „Galilei wurde nie verurteilt“

This has just been stressed by Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi of the Pontifical Cultural Council for Culture. This was although an ecclesiastical court thoroughly investigated the theses of the Italian physicist on the functioning of the universe and prepared a written condemnation. But this was "never signed" by the then Pope Urban VIII, himself a scientist. The Vatican wants according to Ravasi to publish in the near future Galileo’s trial documents, "in extenso, accompanied by an in-depth, contextual analysis."

The Pontifical Cultural Council is currently setting up a congress on the case of Galileo Galilei. It will be primarily about the interaction between theology and science. In his speech Archbishop Ravasi stressed both areas were "distinct, but not opposed." In the search for truth "jumping over boundaries" is therefore not necessary. - Pope John Paul II rehabilitated Galileo in 1992 in a presentation to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

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