Ecumenical Circus Mass in Monaco

For the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2008.

Featuring the stars of the show

The Pied Piper of Ecumenism

The Procession of Modernists

Bishop Know Nothing

The French Mr Blobby

The Blobby Beautiful

Jump for Joy

Bishop Parrot

All caught on camera. He knows there is something wrong. But the show must go on!


Fr Ray Blake said…
This ghastly, but is it Mass?
Volpius Leonius said…
I always had a sneaking suspicion the chuch had become full of clowns, now I know I was right.
Anonymous said…
Again, they have outdone themselves. I could not think of a worse way to carry out the unbloody renewal of the sacrifice of Calvary.
Anonymous said…
I believe the GIRM states something to the effect of Mass being said in a reverent place which conveys the sacredness of what is happening.
Richard said…
All those YouTube videos comparing ways the Novus Ordo is said to a circus now have to be remade.