Thursday, December 27, 2007

To Protestants, the Cross

just one more offensive and embarrassing symbol of Christianity

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Garret said...

FYI, I am a student of the college. Most all the campus ministers have left their various states of apostasy in search of ecumenism, usually by dumping Christianity and the Cross. Indeed, the Catholic Campus Ministry finds itself in such a sorry state.

Gene Nichols is an apostate Catholic who attends the local Episcopalian church. As we all know, the Episcopal Church here in the states is all the trimmings with none of the meat, and he's the same way. He seeks to dispose of the central importance and meaning of sacred spaces and events, yet keeping the remnants. He thinks it's cute, but it just doesn't work.

Sadly, it is of my opinion, backed with fairly solid evidence, that the College of William and Mary is not alone in such attempts at gutting Christianity. Indeed, certain Catholic universities seem to be much worse off than it.

Immaculate Mary, conceived without sin, pray for those of us sinners who have recourse to thee!