Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rome or Rottenburg?

A minor revolution in Rottenburg, described in a German news report, translated by Cathcon.

Around 180 Catholic theologians in Germany who support reform have called for a serious ecumenical dialogue with the Protestant Church. In a statement released on Thursday, the Rottenburg Working Group criticized the understanding in the Vatican document of last July that the ecclesiastical communities which emerged after the Reformation are "not churches in the proper sense" means.

"As priests, who serve unity and the building up of the community, we cannot be silent about this announcement and its effect ", says the working group, largely composed of priests of the Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. Inter-confessional marriages, ecumenical church services and the cooperation of ecclesiastical communities prevent us from denying that "the ecumenical partners are Churches and classifying them using insensitive and insolent language."

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