Anglicans and Catholics compete for The Big Prize

The Worst Chasuble Ever

Where will your vote go?

To the Anglican Vicar

who is parodying the Catholicism

lost at the Reformation

or to the Catholic Priest, who ought to know better

than to imitate the parody!
(Just what the Church has been doing for forty years)

Who has the the worst chasuble
The Anglican Vicar
The Catholic Priest free polls

Now see Anglican vicar tries to avoid complete thrashing in Cathcon poll. Also a picture of the disqualified French entry.


thetimman said…
I would have voted for the Catholic one, and it is far uglier, but the use of the phrase "Jesus is the 'goodest' person" takes the cake.
Bill White said…
Great. A Catholic priest would have to put a big red heart right THERE.
Al said…
It would be a tie in my mind, except for 1 thing. The Vicar probably wasn't ever validly ordained while the Catholic priest probably was.
Matt W said…
In the vicar's defense, it doesn't look like he's going to celebrate any liturgical ceremony. Unfortunately, not so for the priest. He's wearing an alb.
Fr. Peter said…
I think this one is too close to call!
Many thanks!

Fr Peter is Orthodox. As far as I am aware they don't do bad chasubles! If anyone has, by some chance, a picture of a grotesque Orthodox chasuble, I will put it up against the winner of this competition. But I don't think it will happen.
KaleJ said…
Gotta be the Catholic Priest. Looks like he stole (pun intended) the picnic table cloth from one of the campers.

At least the vicar is celebrating something with the kids.
Catholic Audio said…
I voted for the Catholic -- at least the Anglican has a consistent theme.
Jane said…
The Catholic priest's chasuble is clearly a decorated sheet that has had a hole cut in the top for his head--look at the square corners!

At least the small children who made the Anglican vicar's chasuble rounded off the ends so that it's shaped like a vestment.
Look on the bright side. At least they're not wearing overlay stoles.
Anita Moore said…
Holy mackerel. I've been calling those seventies chasubles kindergarten scribblegrams for years, but I never thought it would come literally true.
The Anglican's is worse. Not only is Jesus not the "goodest person in the whole world", with Him being God, but the Anglican one bears no specifically Christian symbols. This is at least in keeping with the general trend of Anglicanism in the developed world degenrating into a vaguely religious-themes social club.

The Catholic one at least bears two crosses and a chrismon (the chi-rho), atrocious as it is.

Like Fr Peter, I'm Orthodox. I've never seen such substandard vestments used.
AJS said…
Objectively, I'd say the Anglican's is the worst. The art work is worse, and it says "Jesus is the Goodest [sic] person..." on it.
Matt G said…
I can't say that either of the chasubles are terrible (WAIT!!! Don't flame me yet!). What I mean is, these were gifts obviously made by young children out of love for their pastors. In terms of liturgical design I think they are hideous and thus I voted for the Catholic priest for the following reason:

When I looked at the 2 images I noticed something important about the first one...Is it just me or is the Vicar shrugging? It looks like he's saying "They made this for me, what could I do but wear it for a picture?". The image of the priest looks as if he is particularly proud to be wearing that, and would be perfectly ready to wear it at Mass.
Barney and Friends are alive and well in the Church
Hmmm. The Catholic priest looks a little like Harry Forbes...
OK, but the Anglican garb (yes, that's the safest word) says "grooviest" on it. Look.

They "win" this one, methinks.
Mike Roesch said…
I have to go with the Anglican. Aside from the Anglican's lack of any Christian symbols, as has been mentioned by others, at least the Catholic one looks to be made out of actual cloth, even if it is a bedsheet.
Dick Murphy said…
Catholic Priest? I don't see a Catholic Priest! Do you?

The way to tell a Catholic Priest is by the way he defends holy things, not by the way he mocks them. In his defense, Cjristian charity prompts me to presume that both of these men have no idea what is and what is not holy.

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