Friday, November 16, 2007

To handle the Host


is the prividedge of the ordainded as Pope John Paul II said. Priests now become shadows of Extraordinary Ministers.


Garret said...

You haven't seen the worst of it. My campus chapel had a visiting priest come to talk about vocations during Mass. The resident priest went up in plaid shirt and jeans to act as Eucharistic Minister. Neither wore cassock or Roman Collar the entire evening. There's supposed to be another meeting in February, so I should have some pictures for you then...!

318@Nicea said...

Extraordinary is the ordinary in the Novus Ordo.
That's why I attend an SSPX chapel. What I like is how the young girl makes her hands in the shape of the cross to receive the host in her hand. This is the same thing Lutherans do when they receive the host (hmmmm?).


Alexander said...

Perhaps JPII should have eliminated the options of EMHC and its sister or Communion in the Hand if he felt so strongly about it.