Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If one didn't laugh, one would cry


Cardinal Mahony Consultant to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Liturgy Committee.

As the Remnant Newspaper points out, there is a Chairman on the side of the angels.


318@Nicea said...

And what's wrong with the SSXP again?

David Contra Mundum said...

Cardinal Mahony is Julian the Apostate.

Syriacus said...

> Shifting gears, what do you think the importance of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States next April will be?
> It will be the first time the American people see him a bit more up-close. Of course, it will depend in part on what he has to say.
> What message will you be looking for?
> I would hope that he would recognize the vitality of the church in the United States, particularly the vitality of parish life. I hope he'll talk about lay involvement, lay leadership, and lay ministry -- as a plus, a real plus … (laughs) as opposed to that document from the eight dicasteries! [The reference is to a 1997 Vatican document issued by eight Vatican offices raising concerns about lay ministry.] I hope he acknowledges that this is where the church is growing, and that we're going in the right direction. I maintain that this is why we're not Italy or France or someplace else, because we've been able to do that. John Paul II acknowledged that all the time, so I hope Benedict will emphasize that.
> I think it's also important to acknowledge the faith of our people, especially during the six or seven years of this crisis. Our people have remained so faith-filled. They realize that the church is not about perpetrators of sexual abuse, it's about Jesus Christ and his abiding presence with the church. That's the core. It's not about us people along the way or various segments of history, it's the presence of Christ. I've been in awe of the faith of our people, the way that they've rallied around their priests and been so supportive of their priests in the parishes. … I think the Holy Spirit does that for us.