Friday, November 02, 2007

Cathcon angry

Just about cooling down after having heard an invited Protestant pastor trash the Catholic Faith in a sermon that he delivered during a Mass for All Saints Day. If the priest had had any guts, he would have told the man to sit down and shut up. But given this was the most progressive congregation in Linz, most of the attendees would have agreed with the sermon, including the admonition to "sin boldly". This echoes Luther- given the length of the sermon and the sanctimoniousness with which it was delivered, the pastor clearly thought he was a new Luther. He said that we were all saints and gave advice to the Vicar of Christ not to canonise so many. This sermon was preached in a beautiful Church surrounded by relics and images of those same saints who intercede for us, not least Our Lady of Sorrows.

In the Diocese of Linz, naturally enough. In the town that presented Hitler to the world, in the Church that earlier came up with the idea of the Shrine to Judas. Should Cathcon readers be surprised, well not really. Everything becomes possible in this city. It is truly the inversion of values of which Nietzche speaks. A month ago, one of the local monasteries invited a modern artist, who styles himself a blood-orgy-master (yes, you did read that correctly) to give a performance of an organ piece that he had written in homage to Bruckner. So the town in which Hitler, the prototypical blood-orgy-master was born
thinks that this is culture. In fact, they know it is culture, because they are European City of Culture 2009.

Pictures and more details of the sermon to follow, as well as on the blood-orgy master in the monastery. Luther, himself, was not exactly an innocent in these matters, suggesting that Jews should be herded altogether into a town and the whole place set on fire.

Modern ecumenism is a one way trade. They give nothing and destroy everything, not just buildings, but Faith.

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318@Nicea said...

Another reason why I attend Mass at an SSPX chapel.


Andrew said...

How come the Prots still wear their clericals? If ecumenism is important, then shouldn't the Catholic clergy wear it as well?