And the Cardinal König Art Prize 2007 goes to......

Six and Petrisch (English translation, sick and petrified) not for their contribution to the Catholic Faith but for their work in the media of concrete. Come to think of it, perhaps the Freudians are right as much of ultra-modern Church design depends on a concrete fettish.

The prize ceremony will be on 27th November. In 2005, it was received by an artist who produced a pile of dirt. The prize will be next awarded in 2009.

What a waste of time for the Church in Austria- going mad about the memory of a dead Cardinal who sadly to say not single-handedly almost destroyed the Catholic Church in one generation. Unlike others of his contemporaries (even de Lubace to a degree!), he joined the Congar-Rahner group of the totally unapologetic.

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Anita Moore said…
Hmmm. P.J. O'Rourke once said, "Commies love concrete."

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