Night of the Living Dead

as Catholic youth of Burgenland (Austria) gather for a "Spiritual Chill Out". There is a low murmered chant of "Please release me from the "spirit" of Vatican II".

In another part of Burgenland, which is the border region to Hungary,
they are introducing the young to the veneration of the hand "god".

The hand god has to be constantly appeased
The Mass ends with a magnificent procession of a balloon.

As an alternative to travelling to far-away Australia for World Youth Day,these young people will probably be crossing Hungary to pay a visit to some friends in Transylvania.


Richard Chonak said…
Those top photos deserve a caption contest! Here's my entry:

"'Tis the month of our Mummy..."
Londiniensis said…
It may be due to my failing eyesight, but did I notice two properly dressed nuns in the congregation? Had they perchance wandered into the wrong church?
Clare said…
The balloon was lovely!
Top photos: And now, Modernism shows how moribund it truly is!
John Chance said…
hand of God?? is that like Manos-the hands of Fate.

Did they meet Torgo?

"The Master would not like you screwing around with the Faith"
Cultural References:
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Manos - The Hands of Fate (1993)
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