Sunday, March 04, 2007

The colour of Lent changes from purple to red


As leading Socialist, Franz Müntefering preaches Lent Sermon in a Catholic Church. His daughter has just left the Catholic Church because of the teaching on homosexuality.

Coming next week, Anselm Bilgri, priest and corporate advisor. He is a Benedictine!!!

His Abbey, St Boniface, Munich where he was cellarer for almost twenty years.

He has now branched out on his own (his Abbey and another has shares!) and set up Anselm Bilgri- Centre for Corporate Culture.

The opening of Pope St Gregory the Great's Life of St Benedict
There was a man of venerable life, blessed by grace, and blessed in name, for he was called "Benedictus" or Bennet: who, from his younger years, carried always the mind of an old man; for his age was inferior to his virtue: all vain pleasure he contemned, and though he were in the world, and might freely have enjoyed such commodities as it yieldeth, yet did he nothing esteem it, nor the vanities thereof.

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