Tuesday, February 27, 2007

German bishop supports the return of the Latin Mass


Bishop Hanke of Eichstätt stated to the Donau Kurier today that a generous permission of the old Rite would offer more people a home in the Church. Furthermore, he stated that the Catholic University of Eichstaett would get a stronger profile otherwise it would be difficult to convince other Bishops about the facility.

The Bishop also pointed to the problems caused by the probable enormous destruction of books in the library of the Capuchins by the head librarian. It is of greatest importance to take a stock and to evaluate the loss in an investigation. (Seems the librarian destroyed thousands and thousands of books. She clearly hated the beauty of the Catholic heritage entrusted to her but she would not be the only one!)

The Bishop according to a separate report stressed the importance of understanding the liturgy of the Orthodox Church.
The Bishop is also the youngest of the 27 German bishops (and clearly the one most directed towards the future of the Church).

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Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Chris, what on earth happened with the library? can you translate it, I think I'd like to post it on my blog.