Sunday, November 05, 2006

Universal Indult for Latin Mass

enters consultation phase.

And a questionable Google translation.

The document that Benedicto XVI would be preparing to liberalize the celebration of the mass in Latin, according to the preceding rite to Vatican Concilio II, still is in a phase of consultations.

Thus it revealed east Saturday the president of the Episcopal Conference of France, cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, in the speech that the plenary assembly of that institution in Lourdes pronounced when beginning.

Mass media had revealed that the Pope is preparing “motu proprio” with the objective to simplify the process which until now they must follow the priests whom they love to celebrate the mass according to the misal of 1962.

The words of the cardinal take place after the 8 of last September were created the Institute of the Good Shepherd, institution that in the heat of congregates eclesial comunión with Rome to French priests who in the past had comprised of the Sacerdotal Brotherhood San Pío X, founded by the archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

These news, recognized the cardinal, who is also member of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”, ordered of the welcome of the followers of monsignor Lefebvre in the total comunión with Rome, have provoked in France “a deep emotion, as much in priests as in lay”.

“Some have been asked if this welcome of groups, that always have rejected the education of Vatican Concilio II and its liturgical reform, would not end up relativizing the council directions and putting in judgment fabric all the made apostolic work on the land for forty years”, it recognized.

The Gallic purpurado one responded to these reactions clarifying that “the decision to liberalize the possibility that the priests celebrate the mass according to the misal of 1962 has still not been taken. “Motu proprio” announced has not been signed. Its project will be object of consultations. At the moment, we can show our fears and desires”.

Secondly, it added, “this project is not framed in a will to criticize the misal known as “Pablo I SAW (Paul VI! - google is not perfect!) ” not of coming to a liturgical reform”.

“The written up and promulgated liturgical books after Concilio are the form ordinary and, therefore, habitual of the Roman rite. This project rather has its origin in the desire of Benedicto XVI to do all the possible one to end the lefebvriano schism”.

“The Pope wishes to do the possible thing to tend the hand and to show a welcome to which at least have good will and that they show a deep desire of comunión. Proprio” in this sense is necessary to understand this project of “motu.

According to the archbishop, “the welcome of some in the eclesial comunión does not mean to reframe the pastoral work as a whole”.

“No --she emphasized--, the Church has not changed of course. Contrary to the intentions that some attribute to him, Benedicto XVI does not try to change of the course that Vatican Concilio II has given the Church. And it is had it jeopardize solemnly”.

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