Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Three of these men are musical


One is a priest who told me that the next Pope will ordain women to the priesthood. The next Pope turned out to be Joseph Ratzinger.

No prizes but comments welcome- which is the priest?


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

The one with the wind-blown white hair and swanky suit of course!

Jeff Miller said...

Too difficult.

You can't rule out the one with the wedding ring, though If I had to guess it is the one in the middle. The funky looking handkerchief make him a possibility.

Miles said...

I think, the guy in the middle is the priest: is he portuguese? I think I know him, but he is now married and reduced to a layman status. He is a radical progressit that hates true catholic faith. Certainly, he is wrong about the intention of the Pope to ordain women.

Otherwise, the guy on the left can also be a priest: at least, he is wearing an awful coat, showing the typical bad taste of progressist priests that don't use no more eclesiastical garments.

ChrisG said...

All is now revealed. Guy on the left.