Saturday, October 07, 2006

Come and see

Rock, pop and reggae in the name of the Church. Cathcon will be there!

See the promo for the wider programme of events (bet you don't get to the end), while listening to the Hymn of Brussels. Lyric "Come citizens" - are they storming the Bastille again?

All this activity. But not one mention in the promo of in whose name, in theory at least, that it is being carried out. These are the same people who will lecture the Church on the importance of Christo-centrism. They mean self-centred.

The person responsible for this Cardinal "I'll be Pope next time" Danneels.

As the promotional literature says "Working for a happier society" not a more holy one. He said that the aim of the events is to rehumanise Brussels. The problem is that Brussels is already very human, all too human.

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