Sunday, August 27, 2006

Diocese of Providence Seminary


sold, in the 1980s, becomes a banqueting and conference centre.

The Seminary Anthem
O Mater Alma Providentiae, tui
Dant filii salutem unico pectore
Plena tibi dum voce carmen concinunt
Amoris atque gratiae.

Virtutis et scientiam recepimus
Aetate prima sub tua dulcissima
Protectione disciplinas. Ad bonum
Adduc labores terminum.

Tui ad pedes sacrarii egimus dies
Laete. Parati nunc in altum progredi
In Te, Deipara, fidem reponimus
Maria, spes nostra, vale.
Organ setting about 16 minutes in.

The Diocese. Take the tour of their new seminary!


Brian Michael Page said...

Woohoo! Cool to see someone dug deeeeeeeeeep into the Christus Vincit archives!

That anthem was written by the late Fr. Norman LeBoeuf, who was one of the seminary's earlier musicians. He had formed a chant school (back in the '50's) and hired Alex Peloquin to his faculty (not long after Dr. Peloquin started at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul in Providence).

Chant school! You don't see those anymore (though St. Paul's Cambridge MA has an excellent choir school, as does the Madeleine in Salt Lake City UT)!


Jen said...

The Diocese of Providence is my Diocese! I actually work in a parish that was three parishes and has been consolidated into one.

Brian Michael Page said...

Jen, is that the one in Woon. or in CF? Those are the only two consolidations I know of.

Music Director
Holy Ghost, Tiverton