Monday, March 13, 2006

House of Lords

banishes Blessed Claude de La Columbiere from England.

"'Upon Report made from the Lords Committees appointed to examine Persons for the Discovery of the horrid Design against His Majesty's Person and Government, That, upon the Examinations of Olivier Du Fiquet and Francis Verdier, taken upon Oath, it appeareth That La Colombiere (a Jesuit, and Preacher to the Dutchess), now Prisoner in The King's Bench, hath held frequent and long Communications with Mr. Coleman, and hath great Correspondence with Father Le Cheese, and with Cardinal Bouillon; and that he hath endeavoured to pervert the said Olivier Du Fiquet and Francis Verdier, and others, to the Popish Religion, using Arguments of a dangerous Nature for that Purpose, and hath in his Chamber received many Abjurations of Persons as well French as English; and that he hath secretly sent Priests into Virginia, of whom Maccarty an Irish Priest was One: All which Matters being of dangerous Consequence, and in Opposition to the Peace and Government of this Kingdom; it is thereupon ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the Lords with White Staves do attend His Majesty, humbly to desire Him from this House, That His Majesty will be pleased to give Order, that the said La Colombiere may be banished out of this Kingdom, and all other His Majesty's Territories and Dominions wheresoever.'"

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