Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bishop says sorry

over diocese's £10m debt.

"....the diocese's central administration had been 'eating up' money belonging to parishes and trust funds without permission."

"Much of the money was spent on ambitious projects such as an inter-faith centre in Preston and on staff salaries."

What is the point of living a simple lifestyle if you go and blow the money and more on the failed ideology of inter-religious dialoque?

Lancashire was once the last bastion of Catholicism in England. As a Lancastrian and a Catholic, this makes me really very made.

See also the Bishop's message. He actually believed one of the (if not the) smallest Diocese in the UK to be asset rich.

Much more on the whole sorry tale.

Preston Faith Forum- chronicles of futile effort.

At least this episcopal apology is something that should be apologised for.

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