Skull worship

or that's what it looks like in the Church of St. Andrä, Graz, Austria. The photo shows the Good Friday Liturgy. During Holy Week, when there should be no images and certainly not of a skull. Christ on the Cross is uncovered on Good Friday. The participants in this liturgy were given 3D glasses. Later on in this liturgy a man and woman, back to back and totally naked were projected on the same screen. They extended their arms as if they were being crucified. The picture is not suitable for Cathcon. The parish and their priest have certainly crossed the border into wierd and unusual territory. The parish prides itself (and pride is the word) on being a centre for modern "art". The parish priest claims (and claim is the word) also to be also an art historian and artist. No art historian would barbarise such a beautiful Church. However, he states, "The artistic interventions stand as temporary installations and performances associated with the liturgy or separated in a targeted dialogue with the Church area, which should be understood as a spiritually defined area of God and humankind". A series of pictures from exhibitions over the last eight years. Removing the camouflage of humanity
OT Off order Not there Mr Bader Meal in the Church Flowers More flowers- and it seems that the Blessed Sacrament remains reserved in this desecrated altar In wind Duress is without direction

Short view 
The idea of the last forty years has been that the Gospel of Christ should be preached (as if it was deliberately badly preached before!). So strange then that pulpits are no longer used and they are occupied by clown figures (see photo). The worst altar in the world If you should take leave of your senses are wish to assist at a weekday Mass in this parish, you will directed to the weekday chapel, where you will find this altar. Anyone who can find a worse altar, more unfit for the purpose of offering the Sacrifice of the Mass is welcome to e-mail with a picture. &nbsp The Ambo- if you look carefully it says "Wort", German for "word".  

Vestments are on display, locked behind glass in the chapel. This is what the Parish Priest thinks of the symbols of his priesthood. On display but no longer of any practical use. &nbsp 

The Church of St. Andrä is not the only one to suffer for the sake of modern "art" in Graz. This installation is entitled "Cain and Abel". The modern Church wanted to explain the Faith more clearly, so they should be greater understanding by the Faithful. Installations such as these first obscure, then darken and finally obliterate the Catholic Faith.


Michael said…
You have done a service to the Church, making this abuse known, so that it can be fixed.
Unknown said…
My goodness, pray good Catholics that God helps us, before God punishes us! What travesty!

Oh, Our Lady of La Salette, Pray for us!
ABrooks said…
What IS this blasphemy? That God's Holy Sanctuary should be blasphemed in this way makes the merchant desecration of the Temple of God a mere boo-boo! :*(
Anonymous said…