Priestess by stealth

Meet Frau Hildegard Neuwirth, the Parish Assistant of Steyrermühl in Austria.

"Seelsorge" is the term normally reserved for the parish priest, yet this is how she signs herself. Lest there should be any doubt of her pretentions, this is a confirmation Mass conducted in the Parish.


Our Lord is confined in a tea-urn tabernacle, the Cross is empty and has to compete with the overhead screen, the organ seems just as important as the altar in the sanctuary (if you can call it that) and this is another "rainbow" Church. It is also a footprint Church but the footprints start from nowhere in particular and are going nowhere. Is this what they mean when they describe the parish, as "the Church among humanity"?

Frau Neuwirth also styles herself parish director. By their fruits, you shall know them! The "Steyrermühl One" is trying to achieve by subterfuge what the "Danube 7" attempted on a boat in 2002 in open defiance of the Church and her teaching.

But there are other "stealth" priestesses trying to fly under the Roman radar in the Diocese of Linz (photos from the 'Liturgical Exchange' on the Diocescan website)

A woman reads the Gospel

An audition for Star Trek (boldly go, where no woman.... and you know the rest)

The total liturgical chaos reigning in the Diocese of Linz has already forced the resignation of the Bishop. But at the installation of the new Bishop, all they talked about was continuity. Now, we know what they mean by continuity.

The old and the new Bishops of Linz. Which is which?


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