Friday, March 25, 2005

Where is America Going?

An excellent article: "As I write, we watch as not a single judge or court in this land, including the U.S. Supreme Court will step forward in defense of innocent life. Judge after judge has ruled in favor of denying an innocent human being a drink of life sustaining water." One can add, as he writes, it is also Good Friday. And the wretched lawyer for Michael Schiavo claimed that as it was Easter, Terri Schiavo ought to be able to die in peace. What is peaceful about being murdered by your husband? Murder is not a private matter.

One correspondent at Uexpress claims what she calls the "far" right is using Terri Schiavo to further its political agenda. What she calls the far right are ordinary people revolted at death by starvation. She obviously does not know her history; it was the genuinely far right in the German Nazi party that discovered the use of euthanasia to cover for murder and the massacre of the innocent.

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