Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sacred Heart South Natick Boston

Heck is back- but fast becoming a liability for the Archdiocese.

"Kathleen Heck, special assistant to the moderator of the curia for reconfiguration, told the parishioners after the church closings were announced that each church was considered for about 10 minutes before the next was considered."

Botched is too kind a word.

To the Sacred Heart in reperation

Like a strong and raging fire
In a narrow furnace pent
Glows the Sacred Heart's desire
In the Holy Sacrament
Round that sacred furnace thronging
Shall these hearts refuse to burn?
Heart of love and tender longing
Shall we make Thee not return?

Bending low in adoration
While our souls are borne above
Hear our hymn of reparation
Heart of Jesus be our love!

T'was to cast a broad Love's fire,
That our God from heaven came
May those sparks our love inspire
May we burn with that blest flame!
All our sins our slights our coldness
All our insults we deplore
Pardon Lord our daring boldness
We will never wound Thee more!
We who kneel O'er us feel

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Veronica Brandt said...

You don't happen to have a source for this hymn, do you? I'm trying to reconstruct a poor scan of a St Basil Hymnal from 1918.