Friday, September 17, 2004

And how many Bishops will complain?

About a direct attack on the Catholic Faith; they are probably too busy with pastoral reconfiguration and closing Churches. The following received on my e-mail.

The French and Saunders spoof on The Passion of the Christ has been confirmed. The information was seen in the current edition of"What's on TV" magazine, on page 23. A 6-part series of French and Saunders comedy shows are being shown over the Autumn, including spoofs on blockbuster movies. The Passion of the Christ is listed as one of those films being spoofed.

Please complain to the BBC. The following info is from the MediaWatch UK website:

In its Statement of Promises for 1999/2000 the BBC says: "If you have a query or comment about BBC programmes or services, BBC Information operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Ring: 08700 100 222


If you believe there has been a serious breach of BBC programme standards write to:

Head of Programme Complaints
Programme Complaints Unit
BBC Broadcasting House
London, W1A 1AA

The BBC's Producers Guidelines can be viewed on the BBC's website:

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