Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Pope Benedict thinks homosexual network in the Vatican could have reformed under his successor

Benedict XVI criticizes the Catholic Church in Germany in a new book.

Emeritus Benedict XVI, according to a media report, sees the development in the Catholic Church in Germany in an extremely critical light. There is a "surplus of unholy bureaucracy", the 89-year-old Joseph Ratzinger states in a new book according to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung (Thursday edition). He also attests that the Catholic Church in his home country “makes faith into a theoretical matter" and "lacks a vibrant dynamism ".
The "SZ" refers in the interview to the book "Final Discussions" with journalist Peter Seewald, which appears in Germany and other countries on Friday. The Pope who resigned in 2013 for reasons of age Pope also confirms rumours of a homosexual old boy network in the Vatican. Such had been there during his pontificate, and he had smashed it. "Whether it forms again, I do not know," Benedict added.

With regard to the scandals involving paedophile priests and corrupt machinations in the Vatican, Benedict said he had not succeeded to purify the church from "dirt", as he had wished for. However, he had dismissed hundreds of paedophile priests.

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