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Will the Swiss Bishops' Conference authorise the "morning after" pill?

Cathcon- first a report which says they have- sourced from their spokesman... Following the German Bishops 'Conference, the Swiss Bishops' Conference have approved the release of the "morning after" pill to rape victims. This was announced by the SBK spokesman, who stated that, only the method of contraception should be used, however, which does not procure an abortion.

The opening was made on 21 February, by the German bishops, after the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, had a few days earlier signed with the Ministry of Health of North Rhine-Westphalia, a corresponding protocol for Catholic hospitals. The Spanish bishops followed immediately, and now the Swiss bishops.

The bishops go while the existence of a "new generation" of "morning after" pill from preparations which had no abortifacient effect. As explained by the Episcopal Conferences mentioned only these new drugs are used and then only in cases of rape. As a contraceptive, the "morning after pill" should not be used further.

Life protection organizations wonder about the behavior of the bishops, and speak of a phantom "morning after pill", relied on by the bishops, because it was not this "new generation" of "morning-after pill" preparations give. For all known drugs, also referred to by Cardinal Meisner, the experts, in addition to its prophylactic effect could one abortifacient effect can not be ruled out.

On 12 February, the day after the announced resignation of Pope Benedict XVI., Cardinal Meisner was quoted by the KNA and other media, that the Pope had been informed in advance of his decision and this was approved. A few hours later the news was denied. Cardinal Meisner stated that he did not inform the Pope, as the step is not approved by the Holy See.

This did not prevent the German bishops, on 15 February from officially approving the step of Meisner to permit the "morning after pill". Archbishop Jose Antonio Eguren, the chairman of the Commission for the Family and the Defense of Life of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference affirmed in a statement on 23 February that the Vatican's position on the "morning after pill" has not changed. The German bishops were speaking of his "new generation" of products which have no abortifacient effect, but have provided no scientific studies to support this assertion.

Pro-lifers like Günter Annen were amazed not only by the decisions of bishops, but also on the ropes, which they put in the approval of the "morning after" pill of the day.


Cathcon- however the Conference denies now that they have... In association with the public debate taking place in Germany about the so-called "morning after" pill for victims of rape, the Swiss Bishops were informed by the President of their Bioethics Commission that the Commission was already considering this question. The Swiss Bishops are waiting for the results of these discussions. A position statement from the SBK has not been given at this time, contrary to what the media have already said. The Swiss Bishops' Conference are concerned by this communication breakdown. Source Suspect that the spokesman jumped the gun, in the end the SBK deciding to wait and see which way the wind was blowing under the new Pope. Have requested from the German Bishops' Conference the scientific papers on which their decision is based. Their silence says it all, but will now request the information again, saying that if they remain silent, it proves their is no scientific basis for their decision.

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Alan Aversa said...

This sort of mass-dissent certainly has precedent (cf. the Canadian Bishops' Winnipeg Statement, issued a few months after Humanæ Vitæ; they still haven't retracted it to this day).