Sunday, March 03, 2013

"Dear God protect your church, if you want to make Cardinal Meisner Pope"

When the new Pope is elected in Rome, the Cologne Cardinal Meisner (79) also has a vote. He himself had no aspirations to the highest office in the Catholic Church, he told the ARD children's magazine "neuneinhalf." In an interview with reporter John Büchs he explains. "Dear God protect your church, if you want to make Meisner Pope" He had two favorites to succeed Pope Benedict, the cardinal said. Moreover, he could imagine well that even someone - relatively young - 45 years could be suitable for the high office.


Surely, the Cardinal does not have in mind the youngest Cardinal of the Church, Cardinal Woelki.

Cardinal Woekli last year equated homosexual and heterosexual loving relationships. The Rhine would indeed have flowed into the Tiber if he was made Pope.

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