Thursday, March 07, 2013

Alleged "Vatileaks" accomplice gives anonymous newspaper interview- more documents may be published

This hardens the view according to "La Repubblica" that valet Paolo Gabriele was not acting alone.
On the edge of the pre-Conclave meetings, the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" has ignited again the "Vatileaks" scandal. The former papal chamberlain Paolo Gabriele was according to the newspaper not acting alone. In the affair involving the theft of confidential documents from the Vatican rather, about 20 people, including lay people and priests, have been involved.

"La Repubblica" (Thursday) published an alleged interview with an anonymous former member of the circle of conspirators who allegedly smuggled documents last year into the Italian media. The men behind the theft therefore orginate from beyond the environment of Benedict XVI.

According to an anonymous interview, other documents were stolen, which have not yet been published. The informant of the newspaper did not rule out that this material appearing in a second book. In October, a Vatican court condemned Gabriele for the theft of confidential documents to 18 months imprisonment. In December, he was pardoned by the pope. According to the judge Gabriele acted as an individual offender. In an anonymous television interview before the valet had also spoken by a group of accomplices.

The "Vatileaks" scandal had shaken the Vatican for months. It has overshadowed the final phase of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI.

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Alan Aversa said...

Seriously, why are you playing into the MSM's folly?

Tancred said...

I also find statements like this impossible to swallow at all, much less swallow them whole: