Monday, February 25, 2013

Cardinal joins in Muslim prayer in the Great Mosque of Lyon

The Archbishop of Lyon, Philippe Cardinal Barbarin visited the Grand Mosque of Lyon, and there prayed for the release of a seven-member French family who has been kidnapped in Cameroon and is held hostage. "Does Allah hear the prayers more than our Lord Jesus Christ?," asks the French website Riposte Catholique .

Kabtane Kamel, head of the Grand Mosque of Lyon announced on his website: "Cardinal Barbarin, Primate of the French, visited on 21 February 2013 in the afternoon the Grand Mosque of Lyon, to pray with the Muslim community for the release of seven French hostages, including four children. The prayer was held in the presence of a large audience. After the head of the Great Mosque, Kamel Kabtane, had recited from the Koran, he called on the mosque to pray for the speedy release of the hostages. The Cardinal appeared moved by the fraternal meeting in the mosque of Lyon and prayed with them.

The ceremony was concluded by the imam of the mosque, after he had called for prayer for peace and the brotherhood of man, against unjust wars, for the concerns of innocent people. "
The appearance of Cardinal Barbarin in the mosque was not the first time. Riposte Catholique writes that the Cardinal in 2010 recited at the end of the Mass from the Koran and said elsewhere as early as 2011, the Shahada, the Islamic creed . The secretary of the Archbishop, Renaud de Kermadec said that a quotation in a lecture by the Cardinal at an interreligious dialogue conference had been misunderstood.

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