Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cardinal's prayer for the Assumption accused of homophobia

On the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption, Wednesday, August 15, Cardinal André Vingt-three proposes a universal prayer that causes controversy because of its political and societal dimensions. Returning to the question of marriage and adoption in homosexual couples, in fact, the cardinal called to pray for "those who are newly elected, that their sense of the common good of society outweighs specific interests".

This position of the Catholic Church is not shared by all its representatives. Like the parish priest of St. Merri in Paris, some believe that the Mass of August 15 is diverted from its true function. "Why this initiative now while it is not in the the news. How do you think Christians will receive it? It uses them to send a message beyond the church. Is the Mass on August 15 the place to make propaganda vis-à-vis politicians? ", questioned on Tuesday Jacques Mérienne , pastor of St. Merri, on France Inter (audio-in French).

"Same sex couples exist"

André Vingt-Trois wants a prayer that "the legitimate expectations of families of support from society are not disappointed", and "that children cease to be objects of the desires and conflicts of adults that they can benefit in full from the love of a father and a mother. "

A call that the pastor of Saint Merri does not support: "This will exacerbate conflicts. Same sex couples exist. They will not be invented by this law. And at the same time, it's a tiny minority, some tens of thousands of people in sixty million people. One gives a sign to society. What does that mean? It is a false debate that is based on a latent homophobia that is no longer that of our contemporaries. (...) There is in this reaction of the episcopate a huge deficit of thinking and listening," laments Jacques Mérienne.

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