Saturday, July 14, 2012

SSPX says no to Rome-updated

Announcement due tomorrow. There is no return to Rome. The superior of the Lefebvrists of Spain and Portugal, Juan Maria Montagut, will communicate to the faithful, after the mass of 11, that the hierarchy of the FSSPX, gathered in Ecône, have decided to say "no" to the Vatican. 

The followers of Lefebvre will not return to the Roman fold. Primarily, because they are not willing to accept the Second Vatican Council in all its extremes. The Vatican, through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Levada, had demanded "full acceptance of the Council". And the Lefebvrists are not willing to return with that condition. They believe that accepting the Council would accept its errors, which, according to them, they are particularly focused on the chapters of "religious freedom, ecumenism and conciliarismo". 

The decision of their hierarchy will be well accepted among the followers of the Lefebvrists, which did not see with good eyes a return to Rome conditional on the acceptance of the Council, in which they criticized much of the evils of the present church. However, they are thankful to Rome for the rapprochement and the possibility that has been provided for them to be able to present their doctrinal point of view. 

Tomorrow, the superiors of the local FSSPX will read out the statement setting out the reasons and circumstances of their refusal to return to Rome and to reintegrate into the Catholic Church. 

Spanish source

Original translation done in great haste- now revised.

Not a surprising decision given the recent unhelpful comments of the new head of the Congregation for the     Doctrine of the Faith.   But a caveat regarding the source at rorate-caeli.

If so a tragedy for the Church and the SSPX.

In other news, the Chapter voted to maintain the exclusion of Bishop Williamson.


Dolorosa said...

It's not a tragedy! Even
Archbishop Lefebvre said not to make a deal with Rome until they returned to the faith and they certainly have not done so yet.

Anonymous said...

I see no tragedy. Some years down the line things hopefully will be different but as things stand the pope cannot even trust the members of his own household. Time to reflect and to carry on the struggle for the Faith which the Church's authorities have all but abandoned.

NCTradCatholic said...

"conciliarismo"? Is that like "machismo"?

t said...

Considering what's going on with the IBP, I can't blame 'em.

MilitiaJesuChristi said...

Let's put this in plain English: +Fellay is not a hero! Quite the contrary!

The only reason this compromise didn't happen was because of the Vatican itself and the other 3 loyal bishops of the SSPX.

Be ready for more persecutions against the holy priests and bishops within the society under +Fellay's regime.

The WAR is far from over.

If we don't manage to dethrone +Fellay and his gang from positions of authority it will be a matter of time until we hand ourselves over to the modernists and get annihilated by them.

Anonymous said...

Right! The Consecration must be done; otherwise the writing remains on the wall: Rome is not Catholic and does not want to return to Catholicism. Otherwise, it would have been done as Our Lady wants.

By their fruits you shall know them.

When Rome returns, we shall be one again.

Until then, we continue to keep The One, True Faith.

BTW: Oh, for the love of Pete: drop the Lefebvrians/ followers of Archbishop Lefebvre negative connotation/barb - it's incorrect and shows how uninformed or perhaps stupid the reporters who use it are! "Sticks and stones" -- we are Catholic, and we follow The One Church of Jesus Christ.
Get with the program.

Deo Gratias!

Asshole said...

About the source... they captioned a very old SSPX ordination picture "the staff of the Lefebvrists". Really? How stupid are these liberals.

At any rate, I got this rumored remark from an SSPX priest in my inbox today: "We didn't say 'no' to anything we haven't already said 'no' to before... Bishop Fellay made it clear in July that what was presented is unacceptable. we had nothing to add to that."

However, this article does represent the kind of spin that will be placed on this. The centrists and liberals will spin this as an SSPX refusal of canonical recognition, which it most certainly is not.

...for what its worth.

Matthew said...

I believe this report originated from an ultra-progressive Spanish reporter, who was unable to verify his claim yesterday or today. A colleague of this same reporter a few months ago made a similar claim but had to retract it. See Rorate Caeli for more info.

Unknown said...

The Pope tries to unite all in one Church and because of sentimients of being the one true church, you prefer to be outside of the church.

Say all you want, be all knowing if you like, the fact is the Pope tried to unite SSPX and the church. Your leaders prefer the protestant way of being the "true" church attitude and that that the church has to change, etc...

I am Catholic. Love the Traditional Mass, NO Mass, Byzantine Liturgies (That are older than the Tridentine Mass). All to adore one God.

Tracey P said...

I love the sentiment behind the SSPX, and indeed was caught up in the V2 controversy even before I was born. (Maternal side defected.)

I loved how the Holy Father tried to bring under his wing both Anglicans and SSPX (and was successful with some Anglicans); I think he would have kicked Novus Ordo if given the time, and thus eventually come to an accord with SSPX (and those Anglicans that haven't yet been able to come home).

What true love and devotion +++B16 has shown. It was not to be, as is the desire of God. I can't help but think God wants it this way, for a time. (I think that because it's the way it has happened).

It's the RCC's loss, imo. Pray for all priests everywhere!

Tracey P said...

Oh, and I'd prefer we not call people like my mother (may light eternal shine on her) be called "Lefebvrists". She had an RCC priest attending her passing, and passed in a state of grace; she had my dad's Lutheran minister doing Gregorian chants; she and HER mother were "outside the Church" and in the SSPX. All these varied priests presided over her funeral and Masses, and this division is far more politicial than REAL. REAL people of the Church, who aren't covering up pedophilia or trying to bribe Cardinals or otherwise besmirching the Catholic Church, love and enjoy communion with the Lord regardless of how they're "stamped" by the political facets of today's hierarchy. St. Peter would NOT be pleased by this division.

CD2000 said...

Are you against the See of Rome or what? I am confused. I am a Catholic and I will die a Catholic! I love the See of Peter and all her successors! This is the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH!