Monday, July 16, 2012

SSPX demands retraction from Spanish journalist

In the meantime, the District Superior of Spain and Portugal, Father de Montagut denies Vidal's report and demands a correction. One more example of obviously harassing fire, constantly targeted, which inflame matters. This includes the media mood music in the German speaking area around Bishop Richard Williamson is one with which the SSPX indirectly to be moved into the area of ​​anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. It is not difficult to recognize behind this intention the desire that the talks between Rome and to Econe should collapse . But it is still not gone that far. The General House itself has n now announced that each member of the General Chapter, was bound by an oath on the Bible to secrecy about the content and course of the Chapter Assembly. Any published information from journalists and on the internet regarding the General Chapter will therefore flatly denied, combined with a call not to place any self-created rumors into the wider world. This is a translation of the emboldened part of the article. The whole article translated here.
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