Monday, June 22, 2009

Almost Bishop Wagner gives new interview


The parish priest of Windischgarsten in conversation about his absenteeism from the Mass yesterday, Reconciliation, Father Friedl and the division in the Catholic Church.

OÖN: Father, what did you do this afternoon?

Wagner: I was visiting.

OÖN: Did you not think of visiting a Church?

Wagner: The reconciliation Mass? No! I do not know what exactly there is to be reconciled. I see no
need for negotiations. And incidents like the Corpus Christi procession in Linz with the focaccia bread “monstrance” annoy me.

OÖN: This sounds like a convenient excuse.

Wagner: No! I have said about two weeks ago before witnesses that I would participate in the reconciliation Mass. Actions such as those with the monstrance concern the unity of the church.

OÖN: What are you doing for that?

Wagner: There is still much to be done. Catholicism must clearly result. The split in the diocese is
there, you cannot talk nicely around it. If I have a problem today, I must consider it and talk.

OÖN: Did you recently have contact with Bishop Schwarz?

Wagner: We have been on the phone two days ago for half an hour. He invited me to the reconciliation Mass. I told him: Please do it as you want, but we both have nothing to reconcile. Whether he has a strong regard for my person or is concerned about it, I do not care. Everyone has a different lifestyle.

OÖN: Just like the Ungenach priest Josef Friedl.

Wagner: I do not know anything from my side. Do you know of anything ? Supposedly Friedl has changed his attitude, says Schwarz. I hope he is right. This is the best for Friedl and Bishop. A return to celibacy would be good for all concerned.

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