Sunday, April 26, 2009

Communists defeat Religion in Berlin

The results of the Pro Reli referendum by Berlin region.

Turnout followed by percentage yes, percentage of yes votes of the total of those eligible, percentage no, and spoilt papers.

Now compare these results with the map of Berlin

Now compare these results with the map of Berlin.

Lower turnouts in the East, all former Communist parts of East Berlin voting against and all of West Berlin voting for.

Two interpretations- either East Germans are rejecting what they see as another imposed ideology after they so enthusiastically embraced first Nazism and then Communism or all those years of atheistic indoctrination worked, "Religion is the opium of the People". But is it then democracy?

What a world we live in! There are now restaurants in West(!) Berlin where you can "relive the East German experience". Clearly the residents in the East have still not got over communism.
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