Wednesday, March 25, 2009

SSPX attacks democracy- chairman of the German Bishops' Conference

The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, accused the SSPX of attacking and reducing "our understanding of democracy". At the same time on Wednesday in Berlin, he reiterated the call for the traditionalists to return to the Church and recognise the statements of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) (Cathcon- suggest he reads the Pope's statement which puts the context of the acceptance of Vatican II in the wider context of accepting the other councils.)

Zollitsch underlined in a presentation to the Cardinal Höffner-circle of the Union Group in the German Parliament that there is no going back on the Vatican's view on the relationship between church and state. "The idea of a Catholic state for us is outdated," said the archbishop, with a view to the attitude of the SSPX. The conciliar documents on the Church in the Modern World, on religious freedom and relations with non-Christian religions as well as on the Church were "unrelinquishable elements of Catholic tradition." The traditionalists have placed themselves outside this Catholic tradition and revoked unity with the Pope.
(Cathcon- this ludicrous claim was already in the statement that was put out after their recent meeting- also clearly an attempt by modification to justify the claim greated with gales of laughter by anyone who understands theology. The Archbishop clearly needs to take a quick course on the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas on government).

Zollitsch recalled that he had during his interview with Pope Benedict XVI. two weeks ago in Rome could convey this attitude of the German Bishops' in a good atmosphere. On Tuesday, the SSPX attacked the Episcopal Conference frontally and said they were "particularly disgusted" by their actions. The behaviour of the bishops against the SSPX was the expression of a relentless hostility, said the Superior General (Bishop!) Bernard Fellay in a statement published on the internet.
Same source as below but separated for clarity. No less than four audios of the speaker of the German Bishops' Conference- he clearly needs a holiday. He accuses the SSPX of wanting to set up a "Cosy Church". Nothing quite so cosy as a Bishops' Conference becoming a law unto itself. They are dealing with their own problems with these attacks on the SSPX not with the issues of the hour.
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