Sunday, March 29, 2009

Married clergy supported by head of Austrian Conference of Religious Communities

Österreich: "Viri probati"?

Austrian religious communities argue for opening up the priesthood to married men. The requirement of priestly celibacy could certainly be relaxed, ORF quoted on Sunday the chairman of the Conference of the Austrian Religious Communities, Maximilian Fürnsinn. He could imagine that "good men who have a really good intact marriage and which have a family that is stable could be ordained ," said the provost of the Augustinian Monastery of Herzogenburg.

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Mitch said...

I consider myself to be a traditional Catholic. I have no issue with having Married priests if it was heavily and properly regulated. But, most people want Married priests for all the wrong reasons, so now is not the time or the place to open this discussion. Period. End of stroy. There is too much dissent right now to budge at all on this issue.