Monday, March 09, 2009

Heretical blessing of stealth priestess in Diocese of Linz


Form of prayer used for blessing of couples on St Valentine's Day in Church of St Francis in Wels.

You God, Father and Mother, the reinforcing force that accompanies us. Keep your protective hand over us in happy days. Lead us in uncertain times. Bear us when we are weak and tired. Blow your Spirit into our relationship, so that the flame of love always blazes strongly. Hold awake the longing for closeness and tenderness. Bless our love. Bless the good and bad days. Bless us as a couple, so that we can for each other and for others to be blessed. "


becket said...

This is a perfect example of why there will never be unity between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches in the future. The Orthodox would never put up with this heresy, or be in any form of communion with dissenters like this!!.

JSarto said...

I'm seeing in the picture the famous deacon of Linz.