Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cardinal Medina- a homosexual cannot raise his children

Terra - Cardenal Medina: Un homosexual “no está capacitad - Actualidad:

Cardinal Medina: A homosexual "is not able to raise their children"

The cleric said that the moral relativism in the field has gained ground in our country, and that is why they are allowing things that previously were not accepted. He believes that children cannot be happy seeing their father living against God's law. (

SANTIAGO, March 12 .- Cardinal Jorge Medina criticised the decision of a judge to give a gay father custody of his two sons, 10 and 17 years, which means that he is not fit to educate them, acting openly against Holy Scripture, which rejects the practice of homosexuality.

"St. Paul says that those who practice homosexuality will not see the kingdom of God, therefore, I think that a person under these conditions is not able to form values in others, even their children," said Council .

Citing the case of CPW, a man of 35 years who obtained from the mother custody of her children and now lives with someone of the same sex, the priest pointed out that it is difficult to believe that "a bad example of that nature" does not influence children.

"If they are Christians and deny that homosexual cohabitation creates a situation which is favorable and if the children end up accepting it, it means they agree with something that goes against the morals," he stressed.

He added that the religious relativism in moral matters has gained ground in our country, and that is why they are allowing things that previously were not accepted. "There are many things that are unacceptable and that no one questions they anymore. I think the judge acted in the wrong way and I do not think that a child can be happy watching his father living against God's law, " he argued.

"In Chile we have the habit of trying to fix everything with laws, the problem is that above human laws there is the law of God, natural law and morality ... And when the laws of man and people want to evade them, they always find a way to get around them,, "he said.

The prelate also spoke of the loyalty to the couple. "Today adultery is accepted within marriage and it is very understandable that people who do not have a deep moral basis and who are removed from the Christian faith think in that way, to my way of thinking is wrong and not compatible with Catholic faith "he said.

Cardinal Medina said that the Church has always had a very clear difference between the homosexual tendency which in his opinion is not a sin and the practice of homosexuality that it considered a sin. "When the trend passes to sodomite or homosexual activity, there is an area that we do not accept," he explained.


Cardinal Pole said...

M. Gillibrand,

I'm just writing to let you know that when I came to this post's website I was confronted with advertisements for finding "sexy GAY SINGLES in you area" (capitals in the original). Can you get rid of these ads? Tender consciences might take scandal.

Reginaldvs Cantvar

Gillibrand said...

If you email me the url. If I had seen it, I would have put it on my google restricted list.

Anonymous said...

Yes I too took grave offence at the adverts though completely not your fault...this type of thing has to be stamped out-scandalous and no doubt the people responsible did it to offend given the religious nature of your site.
Blessings for the feast of St Patrick-Apostle of Ireland.

Jay said...

I have mailed Mr Gillibrandt several years ago about strange adverts on this blog - but sadly it get worse and worse.

Anonymous said...

Give it a 'shake' boys. The wealthy US church (now broke after $2 Billion in lawyer fees and pay outs) A schism exists, Jesuits in particular will not bow to the will of the Holy Father and Magisterium. I worked in a treatment centre in Canada and the executive director who was actively 'gay' and directed other priests to follow their 'conscience'. It's a serious, deep mess! The 'shaking' has begun. Repent! Christ's bride will be spotless. But before that, apostasy and rebellion. Fire from heaven is on it's way. Prepare to see the wrath of the Lamb.