Wednesday, March 25, 2009

90 percent against celibacy in once-Catholic Austria

90 Prozent der Österreicher sind gegen Zölibat

90 percent of Austrians are against celibacy. That is the result of a survey conducted in mid-March by the Linz Opinion Research Institute market. Women are more for the abolition of celibacy than men.

market telephone canvassed 1000 chosen representatives of the total population over 16 years old. 68 percent of respondents said that they totally agreed with the proposition that the Catholic Church should allow priests to have a relationship, 22 percent felt "somewhat ready" to agree Together that makes 90 percent who oppose celibacy. A total of five per cent were for celibacy to remain. About five per cent made no response. Women were 92 percent against celibacy, males 88 percent. Also from Catholics, 90 percent were for abolition. 72 percent "strongly" agree that parish priests should be allowed to marry.

A further 18 percent are rather in favuor. Both values showed a 90 percent approval of married priests. Overall, 89 percent also are in agreement that the parish priest pastor can have children with their partner.
Cathcon- 99 percent voted in a 1938 plebiscite for union with Germany. It did not however make that right either.
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