Thursday, February 05, 2009

Protestants call on Pope to unreservedly accept Vatican II

Vatikan: Kritik an Papst Benedikt reisst nicht ab -

In Mannheim, a church has set up a hotline for distressed Catholics to express their anger.

The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) has expressed its concern about the future of ecumenism. While the denial of the Holocaust by Williamson one should not trivialise, it is "by far not the only problem we have in this context in mind," said President of the EKD Bishop Wolfgang Huber to Bavarian Radio.

Everyone knew that the SSPX even more radically deny the Second Vatican Council and the "ecclesiastical nature" of all other Christian churches than has been the case in recent Papal utterances, said Huber. In the recent decree of the Vatican, a change in this attitude was not required.

The Braunschweig Regional Bishop Friedrich Weber in the ARD-Morgenmagazin was critical of the fact that the Pope in the General Audience on Wednesday did not use the occasion to personally comment on Holocaust denial. "That would have been a clear signal that the Pope stands by the results of the Second Vatican Council."

Cathcon calls on all Protestants to recognise immediately wholly and without reservation the decrees Vatican II at least, as well as Trent and Vatican I. If they don’t accept them themselves, how can they criticise other people for not accepting them?
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