Monday, February 23, 2009

Pope and Bishop Williamson mocked by German Carnival


Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd) -

The Carnival procession which takes place on the Monday before Ash Wednesday in Düsseldorf has made the dispute about the Pope and the holocaust denier Williamson into a theme.

Pope Benedict XVI is drawn through the city as the figure on the carnival lindworm from Düsseldorf. On one of the political carriages, the Head of the Catholic Church shakes the hand of the Holocaust denier Williamson who instead of episcopal robes is shown as an appearance of the devil. On one of the large sides of Williamson prominently displayed in large letters, "Anti-Semitism" and on the other "Society of St Pius X".



Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

A new low. It is despicable.

Andrew Montrose said...

Truely they can no longer hide their anti-catholic hatred ( they are literately foaming at the mouth). What are they doing to do next ? , stone anyone who appears with ash on their head on Wednesday, arrest people wearing a crucifix. And to think they have the gall themselves a democracy.

Anonymous said...

You can see how much the devil hates unity by the way he (she for feminists) is stirring up those wayward souls.