Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Legal charges against Bishop Williamson in Argentina

Holocaust Revisionist Put Under Pressure by Church, Courts Europe Deutsche Welle 10.02.2009:

"Legal charges were also leveled against Williamson on Tuesday in Argentina. He is accused of denying the Holocaust, according to evidence brought to Judge Julian Ercolini's attention.

The head of Argentina's National Institute Against Discrimination (INADI), Maria Jose Lubertino, said Williamson would have to correct or confirm his claims and could potentially face other legal charges.

'He is obliged to clarify the veracity of his claims,' Lubertino said, according to the AFP news agency. 'We are going to make a formal legal complaint and he may face up to three years in prison.'"


Anonymous said...

This news from Argentina is utterly disgraceful. That anyone, let alone a bishop of the Catholic Church, is harangued in this way over the Holocaust truly does raise questions of a conspiratorial nature. No matter how cranky Bishop Williamson's view of the Holocaust, he has his right to freedom of expression.

Why is it that only the Jews have this concession from certain countries, e.g., that Holocaust-deniers can be prosecuted? What about all the other Holocausts of history, even recent history if we count Communism, where is the justice for the victims of these crimes when they are denied? And why do Jewish deniers of historical facts concerning Pope Pius XII's great help to the Jews not carry world media condemnation and threats of prosecution?

I do not defend Bishop Williamson's erroneous views, but I am beginning to get just a tad sick and tired of the Zionist response, it's baying for the blood of as many Catholic prelates as this controversy permits. Enough is enough. And someone should kick the Argentinian troublemaker who instigated a legal complaint straight out of office.

We Catholics will not have a certain element of world Jewry dictate to us what we will and will not say. It is for our Church to inform us of the rights and wrongs of matters regarding conscience and it's time they realised this.

Frankly, terrible as the Shoah was, I for one am utterly sick of having it rammed down my throat. There are too many present sorrows to reflect on, the slaughter in Gaza being one of them.

RobKPhD said...

This is insanity. A person is being prosecuted because they hold a foolish position? Yet it is considered good for the President of the USA to want to talk with the notorious holocaust denier who leads Iran.

This has little to do with the holocaust and much to do with trying to disgrace the Church.

The pope is doing what is right and the Devil is marshaling his forces.